How does your company recruit? Many companies will carry out recruitment in-house. Or they may use one or more recruitment agencies. But there’s a better option- Italic Managed Solutions.

For over 30 years Italic Managed Solutions has been offering industry-leading vendor-neutral managed services to the global technical and engineering industries, helping companies to open up the true potential of their hiring functions.

Explore this site to find out how Italic can help your business attract the best talent, save money and thrive in today’s competitive hiring market.

Italic- Global Solutions, Delivered Locally.


In short, with a vendor-neutral solution, Italic does the hard work so you don’t have to.

Italic’s vendor-neutral service involves the transfer of the management of your recruitment activity and management of your temporary workers to Italic, and the fulfilment of all of your hiring requirements via a supply chain of approved recruitment agencies.

Italic does not compete with the supply chain of recruitment agencies. Instead, we focus on managing the supply chain to ensure 100% fulfilment of vacancies, and reducing the time to hire. Italic’s performance is measured on how well the supply chain functions. Italic continually sources and maintains the best on-going blend of recruitment providers to fulfil your talent requirements.


  • Significant cost savings. Moving to Italic’s vendor neutral service can realise cost savings over your current hiring arrangements.
  • We remove the burden of managing (what could potentially be a very complex) supply chain, the evaluation of supplier performance, administration, compliance and other issues, transferring risk away from your business to Italic.
  • Our experience tells us that the talent requirements of technical and engineering businesses often encompass a very-wide range of technical and non-technical roles. Choose Italic and we’ll ensure that you have a supply chain that can fulfil both generic, high-volume roles and niche, low-volume positions quickly and efficiently.
  • Expert Market Knowledge. We help you to identify the right mix of talent for your business and decide which channels will be most appropriate thus leading to Increased fulfilment levels.
  • We guide you through what is legal and practical when dealing with workforce solutions around the world.
  • We focus on more than cost, identifying what you should expect to get back from your investment in talent.
  • We have long-term relationships with the world’s leading technical and engineering recruitment agencies, meaning we can create a high-performance supply chain to fulfil your talent requirements.
  • Our workforce solutions are customisable meaning we can be agile and scalable to meet the changing demands of your business.
  • Better customer processes and experience.
  • Better candidate journey.
  • Full visibility and control over spend and workforce management.
  • Increased local candidate and supplier engagement- ideal for international locations with local content requirements.
  • Supply Chain Management - Full end-to-end management of an agile supply chain to ensure 100% vacancy fulfilment. During implementation, we work with you to define the vacancy distribution process to the supply chain, ensuring a clear and transparent process for how vacancies pass to the chosen PSL supplier(s). Italic, as a Vender Neutral partner would administer and manage all Supply Chain contractual and performance items on behalf of client.

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Gary North

Managed Services Director
Italic Managed Solutions